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Vimeo not loading in lightbox?

tl;dr, linked ~50 vimeo videos via lightboxes and now none of the videos will load. Page loading speeds are fine.

I’m building a video portfolio site of sorts that will have ~150 Vimeo vids spread across several categories/pages. After putting together the basic cms structure, I tested the first few lightboxes and everything performed as expected.

However, after linking ~50 lightboxes across several pages, none of the videos will load. It could be that they’re taking a REALLY long time—I stopped counting after five minutes. Ideally, I would be adding 2-3x as many videos across six different pages but obviously this would be a deal breaker…

Loading speeds for the pages themselves are fine. It’s only when I go to click on a lightbox that the video won’t come up. Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi Connor,

Were you able to figure this out? Having the same problem here.

***update @nelsinhocury and I were having this issue and we figured it out. If you used a csv to upload all of your cms items with vimeo there is a chance they didn’t properly load. I went in to each individual one and there was no preview showing for the video.

The fix is to delete a character at the end of the link and then type it back in, or you can just re-paste the link if you want. Once you do this the preview of the video will load and then you’ll know it has been properly loaded.

if it is not properly loaded you will see only this:

if it is, you will see this:

Once we did this, all of our videos loaded and worked as expected. Hopefully this helps you!!