Vimeo links w/ timecode start not working in lightbox

Vimeo videos have a feature that allow you to add a start at timecode marker in the URL.

For instance, in the URL below the video playback would start at 1 minute, 9 seconds.

This function does NOT appear to be working when the URL is inserted into the field for video media in the lightbox.


(The video loads and plays from beginning as if no timecode notation were used.)

Is this a bug? It seems like a relatively easy thing to fix. :unamused:

In my case this function is pretty vital to getting users to a particular place in single video from any of several different thumbs clicked.

Hi @DarkNet

Thanks for reporting this. There’s a know issue right now where certain query strings aren’t being passed correctly with Vimeo hosted videos.

I’ve added this instance to our initial report and we’ll continue to look into this.

The best workaround, in the mean time, would be to use Youtube as a video host, if possible, as youtube videos are unaffected by this issue.

I’ll post back here when I have more information for — thanks in advance for your help and patience :bowing_man:

Hey @Brando

Thanks for the information.

Unfortunately a workaround with YouTube is not an option since I don’t want the intrusion of their control UI elements or any after play options displayed.

I need the very minimalist, looping presentation of Vimeo in order for my design to work.

Is this query string issue a global one for all of Webflow or might I try and create some other custom modal display for a Vimeo emed?

Hi @darknet, thanks for the reply. Yes, for the meantime, I would recommend to use a custom embed nested inside of a modal window which is opened via interactions.

You can use the link with the parameters embedded to Webflow using the custom code embed feature:

Here is an article on how to create a custom modal:

Here is a post how to create a responsive html5 embed using just custom code: [Tutorial] Responsive Video using HTML Embed

I hope this helps

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