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Problem for a link to a video into a lightbox with time-support

who can fix this is problem in webflow: I want a lightbox with a video pointing to a minutes:seconds (a normal youtube-video can) but not yet a link into a lightbox… strange, isn’t it?
thx to help
for example with ?t=109 at the end

and I get invalid link

Hey @KarelRosseel82

Replied to the conversation you sent in to support too. :grin:

Try using &t=109 instead.

Instead of using ?, use & before your URL Parameter. You can use this for autoplay too such as &autoplay=1.



Good idea… a workaround, it works… but why to directly with the link of youtube? the way a normal youtube with minutes:secons stamp work?

Hi @Drew_Schafer an extra problem is now that I need to convert all links to an & timestamp… but youtube have already made possibility to link to a timestamp…

Hey Karel!

​Thanks for the additional information.

​I am going to work with my team to try and understand why the lightbox doesn’t accept the ? for the parameter and will let you know what I hear.

​You are correct, copying and pasting the description from YouTube will not provide the look and feel you are going for. Essentially the data being copied is just text and it will, in turn, be displayed as text.

The easiest way would be to copy and paste the link in the description of the YouTube video into the lightbox source. Copying and pasting that link directly should work, as it already is using the & for the time parameter.​

If you wanted to automate this, in turn, there would still be a bit of manual copying and pasting to develop the same look and feel.

​If you were to create a CMS collection entitled “Video 1” (or whatever the name of the video is), you could then create a number field with the second you want the video to start at. On your page, you would add a collection list, which would then display each of the bookmarked times for your video. Also within the collection list would be a custom code embed with the youtube iframe. the iFrame would then contain a variable with the number field in your collection of where to start the video.

​That may actually take more work and time than copying and pasting, but would be a way to automate it.

​Alternatively, you could also look into some sort of automated process using Zapier or Integromat to dynamically create CMS items based on copying and pasting the description from the YouTube video into some sort of form.

​I will crosspost this in the forum as well.

​Let me know if that helps.


this is a long way to make for each video a CMS-collectionlist …

I want to use a target-attribut if possible…
I found this from 2015 from I big cool inventor :slight_smile:

I thought about a link-target into an iframe or a youtube-frame…

It would be nice to have also a youtube Iframe-name as target=’_youtube1’ for example so I now the youtube video of lesson one has the name _youtube1.

Thanks a lot.

This article works different : a link from an iframe… into a webview… idea to integrate that in webflow?
can webflow do this: look to this page How to open links from iframe

also under this article VScode calls it ‘webview’ but under the hood it is ‘iframe’

thx a lot

Hi Drew,

Have you got any update on the issue with ? in the lightbox URL parameters? I need to add some parameters to Loom videos which are paid content so that I can hide the share button etc and I’m currently unable to as the lightbox strips all the URL parameters after the ? symbol.


Hey @domcoutts I replied to your support conversation as well.

I am reaching back out to the team looking after this. Since Loom isn’t one of our supported video sources we can’t guarantee it working, but I will investigate this a bit further.

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