Vimeo autoplay dosent work on final version

I always look at webflow forum when I have a problem and I saw that people answer quickly, I hope it will be the same ( I must launch the website in 3 days maximum )

I have a video uploaded on vimeo and I can’t put it in autoplay in the final version, I managed to make it work in the webflow preview (after 100 tries) but when I publish the website it’s not in autoplay, I’m really disappointed, I’ve tried everything, if you have a solution it would be really nice !!!

Most browsers won’t autoplay video, unless it’s also muted. IIRC Vimeo has the ability to specify both in your player embed.

As @memetican said. You probably have to put it into mute before the browser let’s it autoplay.

Thanks for your solution guys, i have understand where is the probleme

Its cause of google, like autoplay only work when you click on the link, and i was loading the page and directly spawn on it so it’s dosent work, but is not my home page so it’s good cause user have to click on it for be in !
( sorry for my bad explaination that benn72h i didnt sleep i have to finish this website )