How do I set videos to autoplay?

I have three videos on this page that I want to autoplay. I tried using the background video element but it did not seem to work so now I’m using html embed code from vimeo.

If autoplaying isn’t possible, can I set them to play on hover like the sample video you have on this article?

Here is my public share link:

A quick tip to set YT videos to start playing automatically is to add the following url parameter to the end of the link

Paste this to the end of the url


Is there an equivalent solution for Vimeo? I don’t want to use Youtube because their videos don’t loop and it shows the youtube player.

Here’s the options for looping or autoplay for Vimeo

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I tried that. It does loop but it doesn’t autoplay :frowning: I’m wondering if it’s a browser thing, maybe chrome doesn’t let you autoplay videos?

I tried on my end and it work perfectly on chrome

This is the link I tried

And this is how it looks

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Just noticed I wasn’t setting autopause to 0. It’s working perfectly now. Thanks so much!


It doesn’t work anymore.

In Webflow You can now place a YouTube element instead of a video element, this will give you the Auto-play setting in the settings of the YouTube video

Yeah, I know but I need to use the lightbox and when I add ?autoplay=1 in the end of the link it says ‘invalid embed type’

Now you should add at the end: &autoplay=1 instead: ?autoplay
I use: &autoplay=1?rel=0&showinfo=0

I tried many time, but unfortunately its not working,

Same autoplay doesn’t work in video but in background video it does but I am facing a problem that If I want to play the background video as normal video i am not able to play and neither I get play and pause control in that
can someone help me with that