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Webflow mobile view in desktop - too tall to represent a real mobile?

Hi everyone!

This is a general question not specific to any project, so I haven´t included a link to any webflow project site.

OK, so when I am viewing my mobile view (portrait) in Webflow, everything looks great.

But when I view it on my mobile, usually a lot of the content is cut off the bottom. Obviously this is beacuse my desktop monitor is taller that my mobile.

To compensate, sometimes I just shrink Chrome so the proportions are a bit closer to the actual height of a real mobile.

This is not ideal however.

What do other people do about this? Or am I missing some option where I can view the mobile height more acurately?

Thanks a million, as always!

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Hey @TerryHibbert

I totally understand what you’re talking about. I usually check my phone frequently so I can be sure that the design looks the way I want. You can also use the Chrome dev tools where you can find some handy tools for viewing the site on mobile devices.

Piter :webflow_heart:

Thanks Piter for you reply.

I also go back and forth to the published site, checking and adjusting it on my mobile…but…

How do I know what other peoples mobiles look like?

It seems there is a huge amount of guess work.

At the moment, there is a way in Webflow to alter the width of the view, to see what it looks like on various mobiles. It would be very very helpful if there was a way to view various heights as well.

Thank for the tip of Chrome Dev Tools, I´ll check it out!!