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Responsive Design: why is height not "previewable"?

hello there,

Im just wondering why there isnt any option to preview the height of a design !?
(I know I can resize the browser to do that, but I think thats not the way it should be…)

I can understand, that the width is the important value for how the responsive disign
is reacting to different devices, but the height does matter too, does it ?
or am I looking at it the wrong way ?

just to explain my problem:
I designed a little page which looks perfect on all devices until it comes to smaller landscape
vieports. The content starts to overlap at a certain smaller size.
I guess u will now say, i designed it wrong (styles etc), though since the designer preview
doesnt actually let me change the height values (like I can do with draging the width sizes)
I kind of forgot to check all styles where the height of the screen does matter.
everything fits perfect smaller width wise, but the height does not (which u dont realize
until u resize the browser, or use browser device size tools…

I think previewing different heights should be an option like there is for widths !??

please help me with that, maybe Im looking from a different and wrong starting point like I should do

Sometimes you can add the height in points of the device you want to test for. Here I test for 414x736px iPhone 6S plus, using the inspector. You need to add height value for the site canvas element.

I agree with @rico , it’s a bit silly not to have that by default in Webflow.

Nice workaround @vincent, pretty handy.

thx for this little hint, its cool for testing, though its a little unhandy working with this :confused:

so wouldnt this be something for the wishlist !?

It’s completely unsufferable yes :smiley:

probably already exist


thank u so far. seems to be a well known problem…

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