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Viewport breakpoints restarting "page load" interactions

Hi guys! Tell me please if it is possible to get rid of the “page load” interactions reloading when changing the viewport scale to breakpoints. Interactions are reloaded on any site that uses the “When page starts loading” and “When page finshes loading” interactions. Thanks!

Example share link

There u can resize viewport


Problem solved! Use IX 1.0 to animate the loading page. IX 2.0, if device triggers are enabled, will reload ALL ANIMATIONS at breakpoints. This is a webflow bug!


It would be great if we could use IX2 webflow here :pray: I can’t see why you want ‘page load’ animations to trigger every time you shuffle your browser viewport through break point sizes. So annoying for the user…?

A shame there isn’t a bump button, I’ve just run into this issue…

same problem… what gives webflow?

Encountering this issue too… going to have to relearn how to use IX1. Kinda annoying!

I’ve just been pulling teeth over this one too and wasted days rebuilding my nav for a third time to accommodate for what feels like a bug but according to Webflow is an intended feature.

Basically, you can use IX 2.0 animations, so long as you keep all breakpoints checked for these animations. However, it makes the workflow incredibly fiddly and like a mine field when trying to plan interactions elsewhere on the page whilst avoiding the breakpoint checkboxes.

I was creating a simple nav drawer with a scrim (a scrim being a dark tint overlay - the same as used in the background of pop-up windows). The scrim was fading in on trigger of the menu button and it all worked fine until I added some essential breakpoint specific animations somewhere else in the page. It was only then that I noticed on rotating my phone or tablet to landscape that the scrim disappeared (back to its initial hidden state, pre-animation). This looked really poor and felt completely broken and I couldn’t live with it, so I had to rebuild my nav in a much less efficient way (two separate nav’s) to get around it.

The problem doesn’t appear to stop there though. My nav animates from a dark state at the top of the page to a light state when scrolled on desktop. It means if I were to select a project link further down the page, view the project and then use the browser back to return, when I arrive at the previous page, you guessed it, may nav has defaulted to its original state! (dark, not light). I then had to create another workaround using a sticky trigger that floated down the page with ‘scrolled into view’ animations on it. Basically instructing the light nav to appear instantly in a 0 ms animation. Again, more complexity caused by the breakpoint animation refresh.

Please can you address this Webflow. A simple on/off toggle for breakpoints to refresh animations or not or better still, some more intelligence behind IX 2.0 to negate the need for it. I love using Webflow but the pain of finding workarounds is starting to make me look the other way! Thanks.