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Stop page load animation from resetting when changing viewport breakpoint

So this only happens on this page and I’m guessing it’s because I have an element trigger for the cards to “rotate” on mouseover.

Every time I resize my window to a smaller breakpoint, the page load animation restarts. I do NOT want this. I’ve searched previous topics and it looks like it was never resolved.

Same issue, not resolved: "Page Load" Animation restart when browser resize

Here is my public share link:


I really need a workaround for this too. The previous forum topics on this suggest using IX1, but even after doing this I’m still having the same issue.

Please help, Webflow team! :pray:

Hey guys! Has anyone figured out a fix for this yet? I just started having this issue too.

Dear Webflow team. You made this a “feature”:

If there is an interaction with custom media query settings, we reset the animation when switching between media queries (including browser resize) so that the respective interaction events and initial styles are properly displayed.

PLEASE For the love of god, let us turn it off. I cannot drag my window smaller without my entire page lagging like crazy because all the animations refresh. Unacceptable.


Still waiting for a solution to this. This SUCKS. On mobile view, the loading wrapper pops up again when rotating the phone to watch video… it totally ruins the user experience.

I even have Javascript installed to prevent the loading wrapper appearing more than once per day and this happens.

Webflow Team - Please help!!

The silver lining is regular users RARELY resize the browser. It’s a very low number like 1-2%.

I’m having this problem right now too! Please let us change this, Webflow.