View order/purchase history in user account page

Hi. I already read some info about it and it seems that it’s old requested feature that is still not available for webflow users. Instead it’s possible with some external applications like Memberstack, Foxy, Zapier or some others. The problem is that I can’t find any video tutorial on how to do this with this applications. Only some confusing written instructions. So maybe someone wants to make a short tutorial on this subject please? I am sure there will be many watches and applaudes and many grateful webflow users, since this topic was never covered anywhere in laymen terms. Thanks.

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Hey Vik,

The main problem is that there are already solutions for this in ecommerce systems like Shopify, Foxy and Ecwid. For Webflow site that need that, it’s much easier to just add Shopify Buy Now buttons than it is to try to extend Webflow Ecom and Webflow User Accounts so that they can integrate with each other.

Realistically, User Accounts has to be extended with a reverse proxy in order to make current user info robustly accessible to your UX code, and ECom has to be integrated with a 3rd party database using automations. It’s a full app build.

If you need flexibility in how billing and memberships are handled, with good UX capabilities, and want to do it in Webflow, you probably should head towards a WWX stack - Webflow + Wized + Xano.

You should find full build examples there including order histories.

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That’s again doesn’t solve my problem. So I have to ask my question again… If someone would like to make a video tutorial on the subject “How to make Order history visible in webflow user account page”. Will be much appreciated and helpful for many webflow users since many people were asking for this before and still not able to do this even with external apps. Because there are no video turorials on it yet. Thanks.

Let me see if I can simplify it for you-

  • No one would benefit from spending hours to create such a tutorial, it’s too much work, for too narrow an audience, requiring far too many 3rd party solution builds just to make it barely functional.
  • Most seasoned Webflow designers are aware of that, and when that functionality is needed, they use 3rd party solution.
  • Someone who decides to build such a solution needs to deeply understand how it works, in order to maintain it and resolve issues, so you can’t hand this to a client

You could hire someone to build it for you, but it wouldn’t be cheap, and you’d need a reverse proxy setup and at least one automation service.

it’s possible to build a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean, but… the scale of the project just doesn’t work on a cost-benefit basis, and the usability of such a solution would likely be very poor. One good storm and it’s scrap.

You’re headed down the wrong path. No one will stop you, but likely no one wants to spend their own life trying to pave it for you. Especially for free.