Ecommerce user order history

Hi all

Does any one know if it is possible to have a user account where the user is able to see their historical orders and information on tracking etc. I note that the user area is in beta but it appears only to show subscription history rather than for physical goods.

I am currently using shopify platform with webflow + udley to get the webflow design but looking to streamline the whole process.



Hi Vikram,

As far as I’m aware the only integration point between Memberships BETA and ECommerce is the support for paid / subscription memberships.

I have not heard of any actual commitments / milestones / dates for when we might see a support for user accounts as part of ecommerce, but I know the Webflow team is aware of the demand for this as a feature.

I wouldn’t hold your breath on seeing it tomorrow though, because the way Memberships onboarding is designed, it’s a bit sticky to imagine how that will flow seamlessly with store purchases.

There’s an essential email verification step for Memberships, that needs to fit in somewhere. Maybe the first order from a new email address has no account, but then a user account is created and you’re invited to create a login? Maybe. That will get sticky for people like me that have 10 email addresses and sometimes don’t remember which we used last at a particular store.

What if you’re not logged in an order using a known account email? Is the order automatically attached to that account? Are there risks to that? Or do you make the user log in when you’re ordering from a known email? That smells like Paypal’s FrankenUX.

Point is, the purchasing flow and the new-member-onboarding flow have a very slight oil-and-water problem… a few things to smooth out before that would result in a good UX.

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Hi @Vikram_Chatrath.
Josh with Foxy here. With our seamless Webflow integration, you can sell online as well as embed a customer portal where customers can view order history, update billing info, and more.

Adding order updates (ie: tracking info) is possible but requires custom setup. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: Also, if you’re not comfortable handling something, we may be able to assist with our Accelerate Program: