View a 3D object

I want to display a 3D object in my page with webFlow. How to do ? do you have examples ?

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There isn’t anything native to load 3D objects, but three.js is a popular option I’ve seen recommended for this type of thing in the past.

They have some documentation that you can take a peek at to get started, but you could also look at some existing Codepen examples (like the one below) and work backward from there:

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Try to use this :point_right:

You may be interested in Polygonjs, which has a tutorial to create 3D scenes for webflow.

I’ve used it to create this sabre 56 website.

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2 solutions :

  1. Try to add .txt at the end of your gltf file.
    Exemple : myobject.gltf.txt
    Then update the path in your code.

  2. Add an iframe

Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face: