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3D model embedding with Three.js WEBGL

Any chance someone here can help with Three.js WEBGL embedding of 3D models?
code ninjas?

Any kind of tutorial or some guidance will go a long way, there are many of us who are looking for the same.
example -

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Im not sure if this can help

Hey I am trying the same using three.js
did you try renaming the models with .txt? and then uploading?

Hello could you please share your project if you made it work? I’m trying with the same thing, but not very successfully :smiley:

Hello everyone,

So implementing three.js in Webflow is actually really easy. You can just copy paste what is on their documentation page and it will work. Now to use a 3D object it is a different case, because Webflow doesn’t support the 3D files required to work with three.js. Maybe if you host the 3D files on a different server it could work.