Model Viewer, 3d element embedded within Webflow


Can anyone suggest good tools to add 3d elements into webflow? I was using model viewer but it feels quite limited because I can’t -

-Set the camera angle exactly and disable zoom

  • turn on a number of individual animations within the same file
  • move the 3d object on mouse over over and not just when grabbed with mouse.
    -I don’t know much about 3d and cant use blender or maya so I need some software that is very easy to use to work with a GLB file that was created in Maya.

Modelviewer zooms into the center of the image and so blurs the background instead of keeping it crisp. If anyone can help me in as close to plain english as possible that would be great!

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May I suggest Polygonjs? (disclaimer - I’m the founder).
It integrates with Webflow, so you could do what you describe without any coding.
But just like most 3D apps that give a lot of control, there is always a bit of a learning curve.

Hi! Thank you so much for your response! That’s really good to know and so good that it can do those things I am looking for. I am going to look at it tomorrow morning and delve into this. Happy to learn - I just need to deliver something for Tuesday so hoping that I can get my head around it in a day! I don’t have the traditional coder background nor am I an animator obviously. I will get stuck into the tutorials tomorrow though!

Hey, I am struggling on figuring out how to get started on your platform. Maybe it is coming at it from my low-code background and being new to this. I just replied to your welcome email - maybe there is an option to talk over this.

Hello Verity. Yes, I just saw and just replied now by email, where I suggest a time when we could do a call.

And very sorry that the docs can be confusing, there is indeed plenty of work I need to do to improve them. You’re definitely not the first to have this feedback, so I have videos on the ways that would show the very basics.