Videos not showing up in mobile devices

Hello everyone

In the Desktop Version you can see 2 square videos.
I have no idea why they do not show up in all the mobile devices.

Can someone help?

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Hey Elvira! There could be several reasons why the square videos are not showing up on all mobile devices. Here are a few things you can check:

  1. Mobile settings: Check that the videos are set to display on mobile devices. In the Webflow Designer, select the video element and go to the settings panel on the right-hand side. Under the “Display on” section, make sure that “Mobile” is selected.
  2. File format: Check that the videos are in a file format that is supported by mobile devices. It is recommended to use the MP4 format, as it is widely supported.
  3. File size: Check that the file size of the videos is not too large. Large file sizes can cause slow loading times on mobile devices, and may cause the videos to not display at all. Try compressing the videos to reduce their file size.
  4. Browser compatibility: Check that the mobile browser being used to view the website is compatible with the video element. Some mobile browsers may not support certain video features, such as autoplay or looping.
  5. Cache and cookies: Clear the cache and cookies on the mobile device’s browser, as this can sometimes cause issues with website elements not displaying correctly.
    Check all this hope it ll solve your issue

HI! I thought I answered you long time ago but as I can’t see my answer and I am not sure I am going to reply again :wink:

Thank u for your help! In fact one of the container was set to not display on the other devices. There were other problems too but I could solve it.