Embed Video Not Displaying on Mobile View

Hi hope someone can help.

I used embed component to place some videos. It works and displays fine on desktop and mobile view on designer preview mode, but when I publish the site only the desktop mode seems to work. if this info helps, I created two different Sections with the same content so one is only for desktop and one is only for mobile for design purposes.

any help would be great, thank you!

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/passbuy?preview=6541c57b6ba77e2815542453276b61ab
(how to access public share link)

Mobile section 7 > container > Slider 3 > Mask > Div block 32 > Column 2 > drag div block 29 between div block 30 and 28

One of your div blocks is in the wrong place.

thanks, I tried that but video embeds still not playing on published site. :frowning:

for additional reference, this is the code i paste in the embed box:

What is the published site?

I looked at the code. It looked fine to me but i’m not a coding expert.

Hi @asarmiento,

Refer to this forum post HTML5 Video autoplay now working on mobile? - #5 by vincent

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