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Videos not showing in Firefox

There is a page called Media on the site which displays all videos correctly on Chrome, but not Firefox. Can you help please?

It’s probably the Flash plugin for Firefox… seen it before. Try these help docs:

I would look at deleting Flash from your control panel… reinstalling using these steps. You had no public link for your site… so I can’t see the settings on the video embed elements.

Oh also… it may be a good idea to add a ‘page loader’ if you’re going to keep all those videos on the Media page. Or you could use collections… and add video frame divs/link blocks with an image hover … and users can click to view in a medium lightbox. I think that would help reduce the page load/size. Take care.

Oh just got the preview link… I had the bottom one… sorry. Updated my Flash and it still didn’t show… so took a look in Webflow and you should:

  1. Add each individual Div (Give class related to each video… unless you want to style the divs the same)
  2. Then insert an “Embed Element” inside, instead of video…
  3. Grab that embed from under the bottom title of your youtube video… the share arrow… click embed on the bottom right… then click copy on the bottom right again
  4. Paste in the Webflow popup code editor… save & close… then simply repeat
  5. Then you can resize the div
  6. Also… you may want to layer your embed into a container or column set up… or add 1 main div… with 2 nested divs… that way you can set the container or column videos to display flex side by side neatly… in a 2 video vertical view as they scroll.

That should work… Take care.

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