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Issue with video/html embed and Firefox (for Mac)


I’m a little perplexed by a video issue I came across with Firefox. Here’s the problem:

  • Video embedded in a HTML embed module as per this tutorial (great tutorial by the way)
  • The video is hosted by Vzaar
  • Works fine viewing on Chrome 37 (for Mac)
  • Works fine viewing on Safari 7 (for Mac)
  • But I can’t even see the video module on Firefox 28 (for Mac). There’s just white space

I’ve tried the following:

  • Replacing the Vzaar embed code with a YouTube embed to see if the host was the problem. But I get the same issue.
  • I can also watch the video fine on the Vzaar website itself using Firefox, so I don’t think that’s the problem

Here’s the public link:

Can you help?

This is what I see on Firefox, by the way:

Hi @kingcolers, it looks like Firefox no longer includes the Flash Player in their latest browser release. :frowning:

I would suggest using another video provider like youtube or vimeo, as they will have better HTML5 video support for newer browsers.

Also, if the issue persists with a youtube embed, please post the code here so we can take a look.

I have a hunch that this is primarily flash-related… and a limitation of the Vzaar embed code.