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Facebook & Twitter embedded code not displaying in Firefox?

Hi, I’ve embedded Facebook and Twitter but it’s not displaying in Firefox?
Plus, the most recent news panels are also displaying out of position.


Hi @1960creative, thanks for the post. Could you please help to share the link you are trying to share?

It may also be that there are some settings on the site which need looking at, could you also please share the read-only link to the site?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Cyberdave,

Here’s the link to the site…


Hi, thanks @1960creative, could you also provide the link that you are trying to share?

Hi, is the link you want above in my previous reply?

This is the actual live site:

Hi @1960creative, thanks for the second link, the published site link (the live site) is also needed to troubleshoot this issue. could you let me know, which page the embed code is on?

Would probably help WF and the OP
if Disquis automatically displayed a predefined message (ie: public link)
with every post :slightly_smiling:

Hi, it’s the latest news page.

and on the live site

fyi - works with Firefox and Chrome for me

HI @1960creative, I was taking a look, and it seems that the embed iframe is causing the issue, can you try changing the source link in the iframe to start with https instead of http and then republish?

Some browsers may show the iframe correctly with the source set to use http and others not.

Hi, I’ve amended the code but I’m still seeing the issue in Firefox (see screen grab)

Hi @1960creative, thanks for letting me know. Both of those are embeds coming from Facebook or Twitter using iframe, and there may be some issue with the iFrame in Firefox not allowing the content to display.

I am happy to continue checking this, but I think this might be a firefox issue with the iframe.

When I have further information I will let you know.

Probably for maximum browser compatibility, I would try to implement these Facebook box and twitter box using the javascript api from facebook and the api from twitter instead, that way these can be added natively to the page without having to use an iFrame.

See here for facebook:

And here for twitter:

Thanks for all your help Cyberdave, I’ll update as you suggested and let you know how it works.

This probably won’t work but I had a problem awhile back that is kind of similar. I was using AdBlock at the time and AdBlock was blocking my embed code for being visible. This is kind of a reach but if you are using AdBlock try disabling it

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