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Video Production in Manchester

Hi guys, I am just wondering what the best video production companies are in Manchester? A friend recommended as she used them a few months back. Has anyone here used of heard of these? What other companies are there in the Manchester area? Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Hi Olivia,

What sort of video are you looking to create? If you can give me a bit more info I’ll pass it on to a couple of friends I have over there…

These guys are based in Leeds, but worth the extra distance… I can put you in touch with Rick if you email me at

@pocketcreatives hi there! Welcome to the forum. We don’t allow people posting just for the sake of promotion. We love and welcome any creative using webflow, even if they happen to have a business. We do ask for everyone to participate on the forum… If you’re not planning on doing that, we’ll have to remove your post.

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Hi Sarah, apologies, I’ve only found this forum today and noticed that this is one of few threads which featured a video production query - I was trying to be helpful rather than simply blatantly advertise, but happy to remove if it comes across that way!

@pocketcreatives I’ll flag your comment and will let the webflow team decide. Us community experts are just here to advice, we don’t make calls on what’s allowed :slight_smile: