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Video layout help needed - HTML Embed won't align to Top

I’ve inserted a video from Cloudinary into a Div block via HTML Embed and it works - the issue being that I can’t find a way to align it to the top of the Div Block.

It is centered in the middle of the Div block with space at the top and bottom but I want to remove those spaces and just have the video stuck to the top.

Is this a Webflow or Cloudinary issue? Can it be solved with Webflow sizing/spacing or does it need Custom code? I have zero programming knowledge!

Can’t share the project because it’s confidential.


Hi @EXCEPTION, welcome to the community. I’m afraid that If you do not share your project there is no way that someone will be able to help as we can’t see your code to find why it not works for you.

Ok, no problem, I’ll have to figure it out myself :frowning:

hi @EXCEPTION, sharing read-only link is the best you can do as do others. Its very simple and there is nothing wrong with it. You can look on links of other community members in this forum. Members can see and edit code in their browser to find problem and possible solution but your original code will stay untouched.

If it is confidential as you say you can create a copy of your project delete confidential parts or information and link other video, so we will be able to see the problematic part it self.

All you have to do its just generate and share link.

CleanShot 2020-10-12 at 13.02.43

Thanks, I made a copy but the Plan I’m on only seems to allow one active website - meaning I can’t duplicate it for read-only purposes to delete the confidential info!