Video in a grid. IS IT POSSIBLE? IF YES, THEN HOW?

I want to put a video into a grid, but I see only a black screen instead of a video after putting it into the grid. Have you any idea about it?

Look at the bottom (the last item of the grid):

It is something weird. There are 3-4 topics like this, but nobody knows the answer. The black hole of Webflow :smiley:

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Hi @parvizbayram see you have fixed it. :+1:


Yes. Thanks to @austin

So you can be first to share solution so others can benefit from it :wink:

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Yes)) Let’s write the solution here for all: you should only define the exact size of the video and your video will be seen.

Great solution, you can also try to set max-height and aspect-ratio make video responsive instead setting fixed values on each viewport. :wink:

how can I add an aspect ratio?

with custom code

.my-element-name { 
   custom-ratio: 24/9;

More info on WFU in section how to work with custom code

EDIT: you should calculate proper ratio based on video dimensions as mine (24/9) was just pure guess for demo purposes and it can be eg. 3/1 etc…