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How to make video fill entire div and grid

I have a grid set up with a specific width and height. This grid is not in 16:9 ratio.

I currently have a video in one of these grids. Because the grid is not in 16:9 ratio, there are bars on the top and bottom. How can I make it so that the entire fills the entire grid space?

Once the video preview fills the entire grid space, I want the video to go back to 16:9 when visitors click play.

The grid is under the “Case Studies” section on the home page

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - AMPD

Hello Tak,
I may have miss understood your question but you have padding on the video so it will always have bars.
Expanding or zooming in to go 4:3 on playback would probably require some code to change padding from 56.25% or fit style change.

Hey @iDATUS, thanks for looking into this. I got rid of the padding.

I increased the height of the video but now there are black bars. Is there any way to zoom into the video?

Another solution I was thinking of is just add an image thumbnail in the grid. When clicked on it pops up a lightbox to play the video