Video hosting and load speeds and Webflow

I want to sanity-check something. I can embed videos from most video hosting companies. However, videos from Vimeo have less of a lag than other hosting companies I am testing. I am not testing YouTube. I have tested Wistia it also seems to have less of a lag. Would this have something to do with Vimeo, YouTube and Wistia being natively integrated into Webflow?

The other video hosting companies I have tried are not well known like Vimeo and obviously smaller companies, nevertheless, they all use the same well data centres etc. I don’t have enough knowledge of video hosting to know the things that will make a difference. But I am wondering if the integration could be factor?

Thank you.

hi @RyanUK did you tried Cloudinary? Their free tier is fine for testing and options they provide are very good. Last Year I was testing possibilities on one side project and I have been very satisfied. As this side project wasn’t WF I can’t tell about integrations but one thing you can be sure there should not be an issue with request responses.

if you use keywords “cloudinary Webflow” you will find some articles or forums requests.

EDIT: I have heard very good responses to MUX

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Thank you. I will take a look. I am also taking a look at

if we are talking mainly Video hosting my first choice will be MUX

Oh you are not talking about video hosting but about hosting globally? ok, than do not pay attention to my responses for services specialized in video hosting as these has nothing to do with global hosting providers.

Hey @RyanUK
Please give us a try. We did some work on encoding and delivery flow to speed up video delivery to end users.

Comments are more than welcome. Thanks!