Video embed for specific pages

Hi there,

I designed a portfolio site for myself a few years ago, but could never figure out how to add video playability to it. I would like the ability to embed videos to specific collection pages, but when I add a video field it adds it to every page. Can anyone provide any advice? If you could do this in the most idiot proof way that would be great as I am a complete novice and the site is basically held together with sellotape and glue.

Thank you!

Hi @harrymoses

I’m not sure if I understood your issue well. But about adding videos to collection pages, if you add it to the collection template, it will appear in all of the collection pages. But you can add one more field for the video to your CMS Collection, so that for each collection item now you can have different videos. Or can also add video where you need and don’t show video where you don’t need or don’t have.