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Video background problem

Hi All,

I searched for the topic video background and i found a nice tutorial here in the forums:

Did everything like method 2 but then i tried to move the widget to the hero section to be as a background,i couldn’t do it,so i moved it to another section and it indeed field the background of the section but the video was not working.
Any ideas?
Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance,


Here you go:

  1. Put your HTML Embed back in Section One.

  2. Change the HTML Embed video settings:
    remove the -1 z-index
    The other settings should look like this instead of what you have there.
    video autoplay loop style="position: absolute; width: 100%; top: 0; left:0; "

  3. Give your Container a Class name and click on Relative Position.

I think the - 1 z-index in your video settings hid the video behind the section.