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How to link youtube video on website

Hi everyone,

I am trying to link a youtube video on my home page and I was using this guide:

It did not work as I did exactly the guide said. Can someone tell me if i have made any mistake in custom code?

If this is correct, I will show you guys what i have in Add code before ” tag” panel (which is next step).

If anyone has a better solution or other great video, please share! :grinning:

If you don’t need any specific things the video must do (such as play/pause) you can use background video too or video tool and simple paste the link in the video. :wink:

It is a 8 minute youtube video, will the website be able to handle it? And yup, I do want the play and pause the video or the video will continously annoy the visitors.:joy:

Will it be inserted as a hero background or a simple video?

A simple video! I will make a button says " watch the video"

The problem are we able to have a background video for 8 mins? sounds crazy!

Yeah, it seems you are only in need of the regular video component (which includes pause/play). Just drag and drop it and then go into settings and paste the URL from YouTube there. :wink::+1:

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Hi Vlad, this is my footer and i have 2 sections ( one for black and one for red). I had a hard time to align the information in black section to the sides.

For black section, I do section --> container—> column----> Div blocks ----> Text box in left div block and heading in right div block… Is there anything wrong with it?

It looks fine. Make sure to have the div block align left for left side and align right div block for right side. And then align the text the same way just in the text category in the tool.

Hope this helps. :wink::+1:

I turn this conversation over PM.

Original question has been answered.

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