Is there any way to put a video bg inside a section (responsive)?

i am looking for a way to put video hero background inside a section. i want it to fit the section and also i want to put text on it. right now i am unable to make text fit inside video and be responsive. also containers are just over the video and does not recognize it.

any ideas???
here is the link:

Hi @Tal_Shpon, check out this tutorial, this may help:

you can place another div in the section, and put your text in that. The video will be the background of the section.

Try that, and if you get stuck, let us know. Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave

thanks for your replay, i used the embed but i am experiencing another issue.
i need the video to fill the entire bg and be cropped as width of window is reduced. right now i cant get it to be the entire width of the screen. even when i try 100% in width and height it gets even smaller. and all the design settings are not affecting the iframe. its getting black frame as window size changes and only looks good on one specific resolution
any idea whats the best way to put a bg video with text on top in its own section so it will be responsive?

something similar to this:

can someone please help. i cant figure this out

got it. thank you all for the support

Hi @Tal_Shpon, sorry for the delayed response, I am glad you got it working :slight_smile: If you run into any issues, feel free to post again :smile: Cheers, Dave

Tal, had you succeed to make a video filling the entire bg?