Vertically centering pagination on collection grid


I have been looking for hours for a solution to the below problem, and would really appreciate any help!

I have set up a paginated collection grid on my homepage to display blog posts. It show 4 x posts per page (12 in total).

I’m try to position the previous and next buttons in the pagination element. What I really want is for them to be vertically centered either side of the collection grid (like the attached screenshot)


My collection wrapper is set as as block

My collection list is set to ‘grid’, align and justify as ‘stretch’

My collection items are set as flex, vertical align: start

Any help would be so appreciated! It seems like a really simple thing to want to do!!

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If you need pagination arrows on either side, the answer can be found on this youtube video around 2:30: New Feature | Pagination for collection lists in Webflow - YouTube

You make the collection wrapper a horizontal flexbox, then duplicate the pagination control. Place one on either side of the collection. Then set the visibility to none on whichever button needs to be hidden.
I set my controls not to shrink and gave them a minimum width to prevent the flexbox from hiding them when the browser sizes down.