Pagination location on tablet view

I’m setting up a slew of collection cards and I’ve included pagination.

It’s working well, and as-intended on Desktop and Mobile, but I’m not able to put the “Next/Previous” button in the proper location on tablet view. It’s stuck to the right, and won’t tuck below my cards.

Any remedies would be greatly appreciated.
test page: Virtual Marketing Meeting 2021

Thanks in advance,

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@Scully Welcome to the forums. I’m pretty sure I have a solution, but could you please provide a read only link so I and others who could help can see what exactly is happening.

here you go. Thank you!

Looks like all you need to do is adjust the flex style on your “Collection List Wrapper 2” element a bit. I was able to get a similar look to your desktop by changing the Direction to vertical and an alignment to center:


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That did the trick. Thanks so much!

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