Vertical Scroll Bar in Design Window

Excuse me if this has been addressed. Searched the forums and didn’t find a relevant post.

I’ve been designing websites for decades and I’m now going blind. One aspect in the design window I find very difficult to use is the very narrow and blended color vertical scroller. On the fly, it is very difficult to find as the light grey color is too similar to the medium grey border. It can also be very difficult to get the mouse pointer on it as it is so narrow.

I am designing with Chrome at full screen on a 26" monitor which may also be part of the problem. Designing will make you go blind lol!

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just curious, are you using a mouse without a scrollwheel? or maybe a wacom tablet?

Hi Pixelgeek ~

If Im using a 26" monitor then it would be safe to assume Im using a mouse…what else is there ? Cant even fathom how anyone could design without one, although you young people do it on touch pads and touch screens, the mouse is always the most efficient animal.

Look, on a pc, at the vertical scroll bar to your right in this screen in Chrome. Do you see how it is about 15px wide? The vertical scroller in the webflow design window isnt even half this wide.

you can still scroll down your page without using a scrollbar to drag by using a mousewheel. Unless i’m missing the issue here?

Ah ha ! Now I see your confusion - not the vertical scroll in the design window - but ALL the way to the right, that controls the design elements navigation. You cant scroll in the right element panel.

But thats ok - I came back this afternoon and the scroller is no completely gone. Not a hair or trace of it there. Think it may be the version of Chrome - Im downloading another now to work better with 64 bit Vista.

yes, shut up… Im still on Vista and unless you want to come here and MOVE everything to 7 for me, its not gonna happen. Vista cant go to 8 either. 7 will be the end, when and if I ever do it. When I get a million gigs of data in the cloud, then I might consider it.

Im tweeking… cause thats my middle name…

I downloaded another version and the scroller is back but it is extremely narrow.
Here is a screen shot. Like I said, it is about 1/3 the width of a normal scroller.

I actually think it was designed this way in webflow to fit in the panel.
I think it needs to be made a few pixels wider.
It looks like it is 8 or 10 pixels on my screen and would be better at around 14 or 15, if it can be adjusted in the panel.

you should be able to scrolldown the right panel options with your scrollwheel as well =)

I totally agree with the OP – I’m using Wacom and the skinny scroll bar drives me nuts.

As a user of wacom tablets, these skinny scrollbars are really a hassle.
I wish there were some settings for this if most people want them skinny:

  • setting for a wider option
  • for both: the one on the far right and the one inside the site-area. the last one is also hard to use with wacom without resizing the work-area.
  • setting for an always visible option

I understand the need to be space efficient for small screens, but I think a lot of designers also sits on big monitors.

Edit: the scroll-bar to the far right that should auto-show doesn’t show at all in chrome (OS X El Capitan).