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Various Questions

Hi all,

I’ve watched the videos and looked through the FAQs but have a few questions…

  1. How do I delete states eg hover state?
  2. Is there an image gallery where I can see what images I have uploaded to the server? I might want to delete some or just re-use them elsewhere on the site.
  3. Is there somewhere I can install css? I’m pretty useless at it but it can be taken from various sites and copied and pasted. Useful for things like font icons and things.


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Hi @andyuk, hoping I can answer some of your questions:

  1. To delete a hover state, you can clear all the styles that are specified. Once you’re on a state, you can see which styles are present by seeing which labels are blue. If you have a closed section, you should also see a blue dot that indicates that the section has some styles specified inside. In the future, we’ll have a way to delete states in the Style Manager tab, even if they have inner styles defined.

  2. Right now there is no image/asset gallery, but it’s something that we want to implement soon. Webflow automatically reuses images you upload to different styles if we detect that the file name and the file size are exactly the same. Webflow also automatically ignores images that are no longer used by any styles, so they are not included in publish/export.

  3. Yes, you can specify custom CSS inside a <style> block in the custom code section of your Site Settings page. Here’s a thread where the awesome @bartekkustra includes a video on the process: Add Custom CSS in live editor (before exporting)

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