Deleting a hover / press / focus state?

If I add one (in this instance a hover by mistake) is there a way to delete it then in order to clean up the CSS? A bit anally retentive I know as it’s hardly much of an additional overhead!

If, for example you wanted to delete a hover state,

This should remove the hover state; if it doesn’t, make sure you have removed all the styles associated with it.

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Great thanks - you rock!!! :slight_smile:

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and how can i delete a focused style? Hover works. If i do the same at focus i have noch “remove style button”

Is it just me or this can’t seem to work anymore?
I’ve got a hover state that was added by mistake that I simply want to delete.

I can’t find any other topic explaining how to do this…


You can look for all the blue text when in the focus style, click on each of them, and delete, as an alternative.

I’m not sure I see any blue text.
The hover is removing the image from my background div.
I’ve tried to remove the hover state but really can’t figure this one out.

I can only do it when I download the HTML directly in the CSS.

Here is a video of what I have and see…

How did you solve it David? Thanks - Gerhard

The trick I’ve found is actually to revert to the original style.

So if you add a “Hover” by mistake, just select the Hover from the little dropdown menu then add back whatever you did on hover to the original state (in my case show background). The hover effect will not affect the background image after.

It think it’s not the best option but it works.
I also always download the source of my files after so I can tweak my css manually.

Here is a quick video demo…

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