Booking System Guest House

Hello, there a a couple if similar topics, but i couldnt find an answer yet.

I am building a Website for a friends Guest House. I would like a Calendar, that is showing on which date the cabin is booked and on which it is free (just like AirBnb). Does someone has a solution or integration?

Thanks for the help!


Hi @Fel_Lue.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after won’t be possible with Webflow Ecommerce alone. That said, it is possible with our seamless Webflow integration:

There’s a lot that goes into booking functionality, so setup instructions can vary. But in a nutshell, you’ll manage bookings with Webflow CMS (automatically updated with Zapier, Make, etc.) after each booking is made through Foxy.

Booking CMS data is used to block out booked dates in the datepicker field (ie: Flatpickr, Mobiscroll, etc.). You can even embed a customer portal so customers can login, view booking info, and more… all inside of Webflow.

We’re here to help if you have any questions. Also, we can even handle the setup/integration for you with our Accelerate Program: Please don’t hesitate to reach out:


Hi @foxy I have similar challenges and I reached out to but I’m yet to get a response.
Is there any way you could help facilitate the response please?

Hi @Joseph_Israel.
Thank you for your post. We’ve already responded via email. For what it’s worth, our response time is within a business day, but generally within hours, sometimes minutes. It had only been about 6 hours between us receiving your email and your forum post. :slight_smile:

Please email us back if you have any follow up questions.