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UX Discussion - The "Hamburger" icon

Been slowly working on my new portfolio site piece by piece. I came across this article that spoke about the “Hamburger icon”.

"research from Nielsen Norman Group shows: Users are very familiar with the magnifying glass icon for search, but “Users are still unfamiliar with newer icons, including the three-line menu icon and the map-marker icon”.

So here is what I made:


EDIT: Added the open state.


Like it. Seems like a good way teach what a new icon does =)

Nice one @PixelGeek, one can never under/overestimate the user :smile:

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Oh, like the updated version

That’s a fantastic solution to the problem. Good job.

Love your menu styling. Excellent work.

Really great approach. I’ve been using the same palette on my new portfolio also. Speaking of UX, interested in which sites you reference for your UX studies and metrics.

It makes total sense. I watched someone last night looking at a website with the Hamburger. I had to tell them what to do. I like what you did. I’ll implement it today.

Love it! Would be great if @TStanwood or anyone else wants to share this implementation in Webflow. Maybe I could sweeten the deal by promising a Webflow t-shirt to those that participate?


I wish I could see how you accomplished something like this.

enjoy :wink: