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New Interaction / UX portfolio out!

I quit my job and now works as a freelance interaction and service designer in Oslo. Here is my Portfolio:

interesting. nice and clean.


  • Why did you choose to put the hamburger button at the top center?
  • Why did you choose to use a hamburger menu button instead of showing the 2 options?

Hi and thanks for the interest! I wanted the whole layout to be centered, and with that, also the hamburger button. I know that it some places blends in with the pictures, but I still wanted the whole center look. And I dont think its an issue in the start of the page, so it was a trade off for style.

And the menu isnt really finished. The plan is to have a list of all the projects, so that the user can click, and then scroll down to the chosen project. But time wasn’t on my side, so this is a coming feature. So until that, the hamburger menu is a overkill for only the about page. The about page could also be integrated in the front page, so will see what the future brings:)

The hamburger is not positioned correctly.

Maybe “correctly” is not the “correct word”…
but I thought hamburgers generally went on the right (1st choice) or
left (2nd choice).

Never seen it in the center before. But hey… if it floats the boat.

Hehe, I guess there arent any “correct” way for this, and we need people to try out new stuff. As you say, its a standard to move it to the right or left, but I wasnt going for standard here. And I think it makes a good struktur for the visual part to have it centered. Thanks for the interest, always nice to see other comment on your work:)

There is no “correct way” or “incorrect way” when it comes to experimental design. My only suggestion really is to maybe put a full width bar behind it to show it’s a menu or button. Right now it’s a floating hamburger.

I have been thinking of this, but I ended up thinking that it would take to much of the focus, having a full with bar in the background. But what I could do is to put a small area behind it.