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Navicon or Hamburger menu done only in Webflow

just wanted to showcase a small example of a "hamburger"style menu done with no additional code and all in Webflow.


Very nice @Jonas76 and works well on mobile too. Do you mind sharing the way you did it? :smile:

Awesome! Please share. This would help much with any future prototyping I have to do with our developers in house :smiley:

Super sweet and well designed @Jonas76! I think everyone would love if you posted a troubleshooting link so people can fiddle around with the navbar to see how it all comes together (they won’t be able to save, just peak around and learn).

This is so cool. It would be great if we can get a troubleshooting link from you.
Sharing is caring :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,
sorry about the late answer. I was designing that site for use on my portfolio and didn’t want to release a half designed job. So I transferred the navigation element to another link for you guys to see. It wont be up forever as I have limited website space (given I have the lowest plan). The key to this is have a “container” block (ie div) which holds several other divs. Simply hide the “display” (in this case the tab) so it doesnt show on the media queries you don’t want to see. Besides that, simply position the container block where you like and animate it on hover or press. Hope that helps. If you have questions I’ll try to answer if I have time!

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