Using Weblflow as a User Database

I’m trying to build a site that utilizes an API to give Users custom scheduling options but have no knowledge in anything Webdev-based whatsoever, I know I need to connect the API to my site, use a Database to link each user’s profile to their given schedule, SQL for something and the interface to host it all and streamline it-- but as you might tell I’m not very knowledgable on the subject. My main hurdle is implementing a User Database within Webflow where I can make a test account to store my information

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What you’re describing is a fairly complex arrangement of capabilities and UX’s, which is why there is a niche market for schedules.

Most likely, you’ll use Webflow as a front-end for your site, and possibly for its Membership account features, which are currently under development, and available in BETA form.

I’d need to know a lot more about whay exactly you’re trying to build, in order to suggest anything specific. But the most complex part of what you’ve described so far is actually getting and maintaining the User’s schedule. Typically that requires a solution that can integrate into their personal calendar.

For clients who book me for business & product development consulting sessions, I use Calendly because it connects to all of my Google calendars to figure out exactly when I’m free, and it does timezone translations beautifully as well for wherever my clients are in the world today.

I’d recommend you look at that to wrap your mind around the feature set you’re after. But typically, that’s backwards from most common business scenarios. Typically you’d have a primary resource, like a consultant, or a doctor, or a lawyer, and their schedule is centralized. Then your interface ( e.g. Calendly, or another booking solution ) presents available times to your end-users to book them, rather than the other way around.

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This is fairly straightforward and common with Webflow. Webflow is built to be extended with most any solution that you need.

Just realize you don’t get this out of the box. You’ll have to wire this together yourself.

First Step

Find a 3rd party scheduling option that you like and has an integration with Zapier or Make (Integromat). Most modern one’s do.

Second Step

Decide if you want to use Webflow Memberships or something like Memberstack.

Webflow’s feature is in Beta and less flexible than Memberstack but it’s native and that gives you some benefits.

If you need help deciding / understanding…

Third Step

Learn how to glue Webflow together with your 3rd party scheduling option.

Here are some tutorials that can help you understand how to do this:

Fourth Step

Get all of that scheduling information, per user, back into Webflow Memberships or Memberstack.

Here are some examples:

It may seem a bit daunting, but this is how most of us work with Webflow. And Webflow does a great job of accommodating this need.

Instead of saying “we only integrate with these few 3rd parties” they allow you to integrate your site with almost any 3rd party.

Allowing you to extend Webflow beyond anything it’s capable of alone.

Hope that helps!

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