Using Webflow Logic to improve form functionality


I was wondering if anyone could help me understand how I can use Webflow Logic to solve a form problem.

For a bit of background, I have volunteered to build a website using Webflow for a wildlife rescue charity. I think Webflow is great, but I have encountered a few stumbling blocks surrounding forms.

The first issue is as follows:

I need to have up to 6 different forms on the website that need to be sent to unique email addresses. For example, the volunteer application form submissions need to go to one email address, whereas a request for a school visit submitted via another form needs to go to another unique email address. I have been told that Webflow Logic can tackle this issue but I am not sure how. Any links to tutorials or advice would be greatly appreciated.

The second problem is an issue relating specifically to the emergency team who receive thousands of requests to help with injured wildlife annually. At the moment, when a member of the public finds an injured animal they need to send an email to the emergency team. Ideally, they would like users to have the option to fill out a form on their new website. Having a form on the website could be beneficial as users would need to provide exact information prompted by the form fields. Currently, the exact information is requested, but sometimes vital information is omitted which could result in more time spent on back and forth correspondence than necessary.

They have used a form on their website previously. However, in the past, form submissions from their website have resulted in all emails from the website arriving under one subject and in one email thread. In practice that meant they would get multiple reports of different cases all appearing with the same subject line and all appearing in the same thread. This made it very hard for them to keep track of what remains to be sorted or replied to.

At the very least, each subject line should be unique to solve the problem of all emails appearing in one thread.

In an ideal scenario, it would be great if the subject line could pull information from the form itself. For example, the finders name and location, ie Mark - Johnstown.

I don’t expect this issue to be solved by Webflow Logic but I’d appreciate any advice on how this may be achieved. Even if It’s something they can plan for the future by building a new website.

Thank you and best wishes,


Logic is incomplete and has some major limitations and a couple of bugs. You can probably make it work, but you’d be better off using Make with a 3rd party email solution.

However the mail reason to do this is if you want full control over form styling, etc.

In your case I think functional flexibility is more important, and I’d probably integrate a solution like Jotform-

  • More reliable capture
  • A ton more integration options
  • Client can change forms themselves, add fields, etc
  • No webflow limitations on the notification send
  • Each form can be unique- different subject, different email recips, different integrations

Thank you for your recommendation Michael. I will look into Jotform!