Using Webflow + external self developed software simultaneously

We’re a small SaaS company and working with an external developer, who has developed a software (frontend+backend) our clients can use. At the same time we’re also using Wordpress for our landingpages etc. Now we’re thinking about switching from Wordpress to Webflow. However, we need to make sure that we will be still able to use our external self developed software, after switching to Webflow. Will that be possible with Webflow? and could someone point me to the right direction about how that could be possible?

Hey @Vivedia, how is your software connect to Wordpress now?

If you were using Wordpress just as landing pages with links to the software, Webflow should be able to replace that easily.

Hey @dennyhartanto,

thanks so far! Yes, right now we’re using just links to the software. But my question is if we’re using Webflow’s hosting, then how can I put all sofware’s file into Webflow?

@Vivedia you don’t. The software files can live in a different server and not Webflow’s hosting. In most cases with Webflow, you will point your main domain for example: to Webflow and then use a subdomain to point to the Software’s server, for example:

@dennyhartanto Ok cool. However, we’d prefer to use only Webflow’s server. Would it be possible that our software gets hosted by Webflow as well?

@Vivedia Webflow doesn’t allow you to upload any files to its hosting. Unless your software runs only on APIs and don’t need any server database or server side code, you can’t use Webflow.

@dennyhartanto Ok good to know. What if the software runs only on APIs? Could you point me to the right resource/direction for my developer? Thanks a lot for your support!

@Vivedia Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to help you on that regard since its not my area of expertise and I don’t know what you’re working with. Your developer should be more familiar with his technology stack to decide whether it can work on Webflow or not. I suggest you discuss with him what’s the best step forward.