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Using the API to submit my form

Hello, guys!

I’m serving the statics files from my Webflow page in my Next app.

I’m using the Webflow API to render my collections and everything looks great.

But now, I have a problem trying to link a subscription form from my statics files to the API.

Is there a way where I can connect the static form with the Webflow API?

I was trying to use webhooks, but the trigger happens when I used the form in the Webflow site, and I want to use it and send the submission to my Webflow CMS.

Note: I don’t use any external library to handle the submissions.

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Hi @Anedu91 welcome!

So if you are designing your site in Webflow and exporting it to another host, that’s why it’s not automatically working for you.

  1. You’ll need to use Integromat or Zapier and create a “Webhook” on their platform.

  2. When you do, Zapier or Integromat will give you a url.

  3. Take that url and add it to your static pages form action.

  4. Now when a user submits that form (while not being hosted on Webflow) it’ll submit to Zapier or Integromat and you’re good to go from there.

If that’s something that’ll work for you use-case, I can share some resources (tutorials) that talk more in-depth about this kind of a set up.