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Using schema SEO with Webflow

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge on how to use SEO with Webflow?

Personally don’t have experience with schema (i’ll let others chime in), but you can add custom attributes to add the rules that schema calls for. For example I’m adding itemprop="director" to a <p> tag.

In HTML itemscope is the same as itemscope="itemscope", so add it for both fields.

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Well that’s a step in the right direction. Thank you, sir!

Are there plans to resolve this soon?

Looking into whether I can make that change quickly. Since HTML5 does allow value-less attributes, we should definitely allow this in Webflow. Will update soon.

Edit: It looks like this is not that trivial to implement right now. There is a workaround, however. The HTML5 spec treats attributes that have a value that matches the name exactly as if it was just an attribute by itself. So this :

<div class="my-section" itemscope>

Can be represented with this (which also happens to be HTML4 compatible):

<div class="my-section" itemscope="itemscope">

So you could just enter the exact same value for name+value in the Webflow custom attribute dialog.

That said, I am working on a way to support this natively - perhaps even through a native config panel right under Custom Attributes.


Thanks! Sounds great!

@LaurentCardinal you can already implement Schema with the method above (custom attributes).

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You won’t be able to host both. You could redirect users to your wordpress site, from your main webflow site though.

@thesergie, When you say you can implement Schema with the method above, do you mean without using the same value for the name+value in the Webflow custom attribute?

Example: <div class="my-section" itemscope> and **NOT** <div class="my-section" itemscope="itemscope"

At the moment you can only use the itemscope="itemscope" method, which, to the browser, is identical to single itemscope

Hi @thesergie,
Do you a a tip to place a “name” with Rioch Snippets?
Name is blocked in the “Custom Div Attribubes” now.


Are you guys still considering on working the native config panel, because this will be helpful for doing all of it on webflow.

Cheers, and you guys, What a robust platform!! I can’t wait for what’s going to happen next (: