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Support for microdata / Schema itemscope

Webflow attributes require a name / value pair.

Schema itemscope’s do not have a value.

It’s a declaration of the scope of an attribute.

How do you add itemscope ?

The question to ask is rather around microdata. Will Webflow support microdata or something like this.

"The question to ask is rather around microdata. Will Webflow support microdata"

Yes. @vincent is correct. itemscope is an element of microdata.

We need to this for a local seo projects we are working on.

Currently… our method is to create a name / value pair such as

cc-itemscope / [cc-blank] then after export replace all code occurances of
cc-itemscope = ‘[cc-blank]’ with itemscope

This is a serious pia.

I don’t know how much microdata is relevant and how much resonnance your request will get at Webflows.

In the meantime, if you’re using it for exported websites, a possible solution is to write a JS API that you call in the header, and add custom attributes to your elements. That way, without compromising Webflow backward compatibility, you can export your code, which will then be processed by the JS API, which will live-add microdata to the designated elements.

<div class="mydiv" myMicrodata="itemscope" itemtype="">

would be changed to:

<div class="mydiv" itemscope itemtype="">

That would be automatic, easing your pain.

Wouldn’t JS make the change after the screen is rendered ?

Schema is use by search engines to identify the purpose sections / blocks of data.

For this to benefit a search engine… the change has to be done before the render.

That’s why we’ve been exporting and manually changing the code.

Well if the JS API is called in the header as it should be, it seems JS is able to populate the page as it loads. We made a complete CMS work this way. With only custom attrivutes given to some paragraphs and some fields written within the HTML like this: {title}. Worked like a charm. What was cool, is that this way I was able to do constant changes to the design and the exported code would work right away with no edit.

I’ll need to try this. Thanks.

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