Using Printful, is it possible to list several designs in one Webflow product listing?

Hi all,

I’m finishing up my store, and I’m having one aspect of my e-comm page that would be greatly helpful for organization. I’m selling multiple similar designs for prihtful products that aren’t variants, and want to be able to structure listings so customers can select a product and then the design within that product.

For a real example - a customer goes to the listings page, and goes to buy a mug. They’re all designed to represent different cities. They click on the mug listing, and then in the description page where they’d pick the size they want can also pick New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Cleveland, etc etc.

Such a design would go very far for smoothing up the products page since I will also be selling several different products in general like wall decor, mousepads, coasters, and so on. It will easily be 100+ products all said and done.

If anyone knows how to achieve this I’d greatly appreciate, thanks!