Using my own domain

I connected my domain and it says connected.
but it’s not working.

What should i do?

I can resolve both URLS, it seems.

for me it redirects to double “www”

I would strongly suggest turning on SSL on your site and setting your WWW domain as your default domain.

Try following this guide:

i did follow the guide. and now i turned ssl and i see the old website broken

Also, why this double www.www happens?

I’m able to see your site:

it works correctly

for some reason the website is not working for me

@Dima_Yarovinsky I can see your site also. I think your having a cache issue clear your browser cache or refresh it.

Looking good here too:

Site works fine for me! Interesting event too you’ve got going over in Israel!

I’ve had this happen multiple times as well. You just need to wait it out. It takes a while for the changes to happen for everyone.

Cleaned the browser cache and it’s working perfect.
thanks all.


@Dima_Yarovinsky No problem glad you got it going now.

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