Using Interactions to Rotate on a Different Axis

Hey Webflowers, I’d love to have text appear with a 3D CSS animation. Currently, in the interactions menu, you can rotate in 2 dimensions and only around the center point.

I’d love the text to rotate in along the X axis. Sometimes this is referred to as flipping in. Not sure the technical term.

The bottom line is, I now Webflow can handle the CSS rotate function, but is there any way to customize the animation details?

I’m also looking to achieve this effect. Is there anyone who can explain how to get the tutorial to work within Webflow?


Good morning everyone,

I as well would like to be able to rotate an object along the “x-axis”. Like the example I pasted below. If you scroll down to the next page and hover over the gray rectangle objects with text…they rotate along the x-axis. Can something like this be achieved in Webflow as well? @cyberdave