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Image interactions need assistance olease

I have several spots on this website that i am building for a customer that i am trying to add some interaction with.

First The iphone on the homepage. i have 8 photos or so of this iphone in various stages of turning 90 degrees from facing the text to facing forward. I tried making it a gif, I tried animation programs, everything i tried was too choppy. I know I can turn it with css. Is this something webflow is capable of? I will be moving it to thier host when i done so if there is code or jquery to do it i am game. At the very least Id like to have this drop in like it does but at a 60 degree angle facing the text and then turning forward facing. It would need to turn like a door closes

Here is the preview:

and the link:

The second issue is a hidden section that I have. If click the link on the homepage that says 'click here for more information (it may be a button again by the time you look, lol) the link in the middle of the homepage. If you click that it, a section slides in from the right side taking up the whole screen. I have a bunch of transitions and interactions in that section that activate on load. All four boxes move and all 4 heads roll. Once i change it to hidden activated by the click on the homepage… no interaction. Some interactions on scroll and some on click… none work when the entire panel is activated via click

first issue - are you talking about CSS 3D transforms like this? . if you are, then no, Webflow’s Designer Tool doesn’t not have that ability at this time. You can fix it via custom code.

second issue - What is the final result you’re trying to achieve?

Yes I am trying to do the 3d one. I didnt think webflow could do it

This site is to introduce an intuitive meeting app that takes linked in type associations to the next level. I have a an swf of a 360 view of an iphone that I was going to rip apart for just a 90 degree turn, Dropping it in from the top so all you see is the thin side with the front facing the right. Then turn it 90 degrees to face outward and show the app, possibly multiple pictures of the app.

Trying to wrap this up but they want interactions everywhere. Adding a couple more sections tonight, Wrap it to the thematic wordpress theme and Im off to mexico :slight_smile:

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