How to animate the angle of a gradient?

Hey guys!
I don’t have a Read Only link or anything, but just wanted to know if it is possible to animate the angle of a gradient in Webflow using IX2. Even if it isn’t possible using Webflow interactions, can it be done using CSS?


Hey, @Ayush_Soni it is not possible to do it natively on webflow and yes it can be achieved through CSS,Is this something you are looking for?

yes something like this, but i want this animation to be based on a mouseport interaction. when the mouse along the x-y axis I want the angle of the gradient to rotate as well.
Hope that makes sense.
Thanks for this though!!

Webflow interaction doesn’t support gradient feature yet but based on your requirement you can use :arrow_down:

thanks a lot for the code man! I hope webflow would add something like this in their interactions in the future.