Using Hyphens in Collection Name

I would like to use a hyphen in the name of a collection, but Webflow will not recognize one if I type it.

The suggested name for the collection url actually SHOWS hyphens, but the text input field will not accept them.

Very frustrating.

Here are some annotated screen shots (read-only link not necessary):

Is there some setting within Webflow that I need to enable or disable for me to use hyphens in the url name?

If not, I am hoping that this can be a quick, easy bug fix. Thanks.


You can type hyphens if it’s not the end if the line (go bacck between word) or is you copy paste the title with spaces (they convert to hyphens)

But I’m sure something is buggy here, it wasn’t acting like this before.

@cyberdave you may want to have a quick look here. Try to type in the collection slug field and see how you can’t add a space or hyphen as you type. (It’s behaving well in the slug field for pages for example)

My biggest “fear“ (concern) is that it might not be reproducible for some people.

I tried pasting a hyphen, but that did not work either.

It’s just something too simple that I could not have just imagined it or failed to follow some esoteric procedure. :slight_smile:


Any updates regarding this freakish issue of not being able to use a hyphen in the collection slug name?

It’s not exactly a deal-breaker, but it makes me look slightly incompetent if I can’t make a more readable permanent slug name without mashing the words together.

Of course I don’t know if it is a difficult backend fix; I was hoping it would be something as easy as adding the hyphen character to a whitelisted character filter list, or removing it from a blacklisted character filter list.

@cyberdave could you or somebody please take a moment to look into this? Please. Thank you.

Hi @jeffreydevflow

I’ve filed an internal issue to see about adding - as an accepted character there. For now, you can use the space key to create those dashes though. As Vincent mentioned, any spaces added in that field will automatically be turned into dashes.

Hope this helps!

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Ah, yes. This tip helps very much, @Brando .

I did not fully grasp Vincent’s comment that by copying the original collection name with spaces and pasting that into the collection url name field that it would convert those spaces to dashes (and convert all to lowercase, which is fine).

Thankfully, at least that works so that I can properly name the collection url as I wished – with dashes.

Manually typing the dashes in the collection url name does not work, as we agree, but I can live with this workaround.

Thank you so much for the clarification.

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