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Using form input to change a field in CMS?

Hi all, it would be great to get some help with this!

Basically, I have a form on my website with 5 questions (all “yes” and “no” questions using radio buttons). Depending on which question the visitor said “yes”, some of the items in the CMS should be made “unavailable”. I’ve used a field in the CMS called “unavailable switch” that when turned on, displays a div that indicates that the item is unavailable. I’ve tried using Zapier but according to customer service, “once a visitor sets it to Yes it will be Yes for any other visitor, if that a fixed set of items. And it’s really tricky for Zapier to knows what Item to update.”

I’m wondering if there’s a workaround to achieve this? I was thinking of using a filter but the form is located on a different page which makes it difficult to implement a conventional filter system? If there’s another way to condition the visibility of a div according to a form input that would help to! I’m not a developer, just a designer struggling. Thank you very much!

Here is my public share link: here